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Guest Webinar Series

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videoMature Market Sales University

  • Confessions of a Mystery Shopper
  • The Inquiry Process: How to Delight & Engage your Prospects
  • It's All About the Questions You Ask
  • 78 Ways to Get Them to Tour After the First Contact
  • Tours that Sell
  • Features Tell, Benefits Sells
  • Creating Urgency without Creating Fear
  • Closing Strategies for All
  • Creative Events that Sell
  • Effective Lead Management
  • Creative Follow-up Starts With Listening
  • Front Desk Sales Training: Recapturing 35 percent of Leads Lost At First Point of Contact
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Mature Market Sales Excellence
  • Going From Executive Director to Chief Marketing Officer
  • How to Select and Get the Most Out of Your Data Base Management Programs (CRM)
  • 2010 Benchmarks and Best Practices; Sales and Marketing Standards for Senior Housing
  • It's a New Day in Social Programs - What a Good Activities Program Looks Like - and How They Can Fill Your Building
  • Effective Referral Source Marketing
  • Memory Care Sales and Marketing - Why It's Different
  • Utilizing the Internet to Increase your Visibility and Increase Leads
  • Creating at Stellar 2011: Ten Things Sales Leaders Can Do to Make This the Best Year Ever
  • Social Media 101: Tips, Techniques and Lots of Free Marketing Tools Most of Us Don’t Use
  • Accurate Sales Forecasting: No More Excuses for Missing Targets
  • Ethical Marketing
  • Closing More Internet Leads
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Mature Market Sales Master
  • The 2010 US Census: What It Tells Us About Today's Mature Market
  • Hiring and Compensating Top Sales People
  • Strategic Pricing To Fill More Apartments
  • What's Working Today in Senior Housing Advertising
  • The Best Marketing Events Ever
  • Using Storytelling as a Sales Tool
  • The Six Things You Must Do To Turn Around Your Community Today
  • Building Loyalty Through Customer Experience
  • Home & Community Based Services: Why We Need to Partner
  • Non-Extreme Home Makeover: 10 Inexpensive Interior & Exterior Design Facelifts Than Help You Sell
  • Rethinking Your Annual Sales Meeting
  • Why You Need to Reconsider Pricing as a Sales Strategy
  • Selling Independent Living - Why Simple is Best Now
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The Open Source

(dates and topics to be announced)

Each Month, MMSS will host “the Open Source”, two open Chats where you can connect with other high-achieving leaders and sales managers. Get your questions answered, share your knowledge even e-network month for owners, operators, executives and sales managers, and a second call for salespeople.

Via phone or Internet Conference, we'll spend 60 minutes per month as a group, going in-depth into the specific challenges you are facing. During these calls we will point you to the tools, resources, insight and direction you need to move forward with confidence, as well as specific next steps to take to accomplish your plans.

MMSS and your peers will work together to coach and guide you regarding the exact "how to" actions you need to be successful. You can also ask questions and get advice on your sales, sales management and/or business strategies and decisions during these calls.

Topics will be determined based on input from you! The Customer!

Even if you don't have a particular question in mind when you dial in, you can sit back and get ideas from my conversations with other participants. Someone will be dealing with just the issue you're struggling with.

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